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Interior Wooden Flooring: The Secret to Its Success

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Wooden Flooring
Wooden Flooring

If you are thinking of changing or renovating the floors in your home, laminate flooring is the perfect choice if you are looking for an ecological, natural and renewable wood floor. This type of flooring is so versatile, in the market you will find endless types and combinations, which may make you hesitate to choose. That’s why we want to talk to you in today’s article about all the characteristics of the different types and combinations of laminate flooring.


Laminate floors, thanks to the ease of work and endless finishes, allow us to achieve the result that we have always dreamed of.

This laminate flooring allows us to customize our floors as much as we want. We can choose the floor by type of hardness, type, beauty and even resistance.

Choosing Wood for Flooring

Wooden planks lesson

Wooden floors are largely 100% natural and unique. Whether it is for hardwood floors or pallet veneer, the choice of wood is a very important point.

The laminate flooring manufacturer, carpenter and installer alike, must know how to choose the panels, as well as plan properly to achieve the desired result by the customer.

It is very important to communicate the desired style to the specialist, since the choice of wood is a very delicate and visual part.

Types of wooden floors

Choosing the type of wooden floor is not easy. The first thing we recommend is that you know all the possibilities of the types of flooring that exist so that you can choose the one that best suits your capabilities.

solid platform

The solid wood platform is made of pieces of wood sawn and connected together. We can say that this type of flooring is one of the most exclusive, long-lasting and environmentally friendly floors that we can currently find on the market.

Hardwood floors can be installed both indoors and outdoors and can be nailed or glued on.

The thing we like to emphasize about this type of flooring is the uniqueness that hardwood floors bring to any room. Plus, with proper maintenance, this flooring can last a lifetime, as it allows us to stab into enjoying a wood floor like new again.

multi-layer flooring

Multilayer floors are made of three layers of wood. The only outer layer is solid wood, which is why this layer is known as the noble layer.

This type of pallet does not have certain dimensions, only the top layer must have a thickness of at least 2.5 mm, so that we can find endless possibilities.

Types of laminate flooring installations

Types of laminate flooring installation


There are different types of laminate flooring installation, and not all of them can be installed in the same way.

Wooden floor nailed to beams

We can say that it is the most traditional way to install laminate flooring. This type allows the installation of wooden floors indoors and outdoors.

Solid wood flooring

This installation consists of sticking the wooden platform to the floor with some type of glue or adhesive. It is the best option if a complex assembly with drawings or geometric shapes is required.

It is very important in this installation that the screed is clean, strong enough and well level.

This type of installation is the most efficient, since no layer of air is created between the screed and the floor, and in the case of radiant systems, it provides a very good response. In addition, it makes less noise at the footsteps of the floating system.

floating wooden flooring

This type of assembly is distinguished by the fact that it is not fixed to the floor with adhesives or screws, but instead the pieces of wood fit together to cover the surface.

It is the most commonly used option for some types of platforms.

Wooden floors can be installed with radiant air conditioning

In recent years, many customers have decided to bet on radiation heating, and the heating system installed under the curb, due to its efficiency and because it is completely hidden.

As we commented in previous articles, wood is an insulating material by nature. There are many myths that say that laminate floors are incompatible with this type of heating, but this is not the case.

It has been proven that this laminate flooring can be used as long as the type of material chosen and the type of flooring assembly are taken into account. Here you can see the results of tests conducted by the National Association of Parquet Manufacturers, of which we are members, showing the good response of laminate floors with radiant heating and cooling systems.

Where can I buy solid wooden flooring?

At Maderas Ansorena, we have devoted ourselves to wood for more than 30 years. We specialize in hardwood floors. Our products are distinguished by their quality and respect for the environment.

Wooden flooring has been used for interior decoration of homes for hundreds of years. Besides the classic parquet for all life, new alternatives have appeared since the eighties of the last century that form more resistant flooring at a more affordable price.

Interior wood flooring, why is it so popular?

The main advantage of the laminate floor in the interior is the ability of this material to decorate any room with exquisite elegance. This is one of the reasons why it has been a highly valued material for centuries.

Another reason for the success of wood is its ability to thermal insulation, which successfully protects homes from external temperatures. If we combine this with modern radiant heating systems, the result is a very comfortable floor.

In addition, indoor laminate floors have great durability, because the thickness of the slats allows several stabs for correct periodic maintenance. Today there are cheaper alternatives to traditional parquet that can easily last for 20 or 30 years without the need for periodic stabbing.

On the other hand, over time, the technology of installing floors has also been simplified, so much so that nowadays it is very rare to install nails, glued or on beams. Whereas in the old days, a good parquet could only be laid by an experienced professional, nowadays anyone who is easy to use can lay a floating floor.

Likewise, new technologies and materials have appeared in recent years that make indoor laminate flooring gain new qualities, such as water resistance and waterproof flooring.

Finally, exotic flooring such as teak, ioko or cumaru, with great hardness and aesthetic quality, is also becoming fashionable, further expanding the customer’s choice.

Interior Wooden Flooring Floating Flooring

Floating floors are the future of indoor wood flooring. As mentioned in the previous section, today they have a very simple installation system so that it is easy to do it yourself.

The main advantage of floating floor is, as its name suggests, that it is not laid directly on the subfloor but on a layer of insulation. This allows it to be placed directly on the old floor, as long as it is properly leveled, without having to incur complicated and costly work to raise the old floor.

In addition, the most popular systems today are clicker systems, which not only allow slats to be positioned simply by mounting one with the other, but are ready to use as soon as they are installed. This is another difference with traditional parquet, since modern parquet is already finished at the factory, which significantly speeds up the process.

On the other hand, we find indoor laminate flooring with various qualities and prices:

  • On the one hand, we have a solid platform, made entirely of wood, at a higher price but also with a more refined look.
    • On the other hand, we can also mention the multi-tier platform. It is a wooden floor for interiors made of cheaper timber, but with a top layer of noble wood that can be seen. As a result, it has reasonable prices but cannot be lowered.

And for those customers who like the look of indoor laminate flooring, but due to its price or characteristics, we encourage you to get acquainted with synthetic flooring, it is more resistant, economical and suitable for places with heavy traffic, and with some almost perfect designs imitation wood.

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