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Bathroom ceramic tile technology

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Ceramic tile
Ceramic tile

Strength, beautiful appearance, excellent resistance to performance – in short, this is an ideal option. And although the laying technique has become quite complicated, you can work on your own. To do this, you need to know the order, some information, secrets and accuracy,

The first stage

Like any kind of work of revolution and construction, the placement of the body begins with the surfaces, the room, and the tools. First you need to measure all the walls you want to peel. By knowing the width of each desktop, you can calculate its area.

Usually, tiles are square meters, profiles and other finishing elements – linear or cut. Purchase of a material, the calculated value of which is recommended for its quantity of 100 percent or more. The desk will be helpful to replace the damaged or broken items.

It seems to look like shades of different packages. You can also add elements of a different shade or pattern to the main material to diversify the finish and make it look bright.

If the bathtub is already installed in the room, that watch from damage. To do this, cover the bathtub with a special film and secure it tightly with masking tape. from pollution and spoilage. For this fit the carton.

base preparation

One of the best way to place the picture of cement board. Therefore, when building a house, it is recommended to hire cement shingles. Only no panels are 12 mm thick and 1.5 x 0.9 m in size. Photo gallery in the vicinity.

Cement board spare parts, use a special knife to make small cuts along the calligraphy. If it is chosen as a glue, then the cement is fixed with a smooth surface outward. If the mortar is chosen as the glue, by hurting the boards to the wall with a rough surface outward.

Cement board bolts are used. They are placed every 15-20 cm. It is important to attach it firmly and firmly to the base so that the end does not crack or break later.
A special tape of fiberglass with a single layer is suitable for this process.

Putting technology to the front and back

Tiling begins with gluing the first row. Before doing this, she recommended laying a row along the walls, determining the best connection in the corners. For a better fit, you will need to cut pieces of tiles. or less by removing that part of the surface. It is better to cut off the necessary centimeters from the first tile, and adjust it.

after that. So that the horizontal and vertical lines of the row are laid out and controlled, a plumb line is used. Also, using this simple form is better to do, the essential part of the backup to correct defects in time. In the rows described as a point in the surface description.

It is convenient to cover a small area. To do this, with it, using chalk and rules, lines are drawn on the walls to divide them into small sections. A piece can be 4 or 6 pieces, or a different size. when covering the surface.

If errors are found, it is easier to correct the error in small areas. To do this, it is enough to set the desired setting to expand or reduce the width of the connections between horizontal or vertical rows. The force is applied after this area is completed.

Ceramic tile installation

For the label, you can use a special mortar or cement, since everyone can properly prepare the cement mortar. Even with experience, you can get a higher quality and ideal gluing solution.

I prefer painting with such a solution on a cement base. But the easiest to use for this. It also allows you to divide the work by time, especially when finishing small spaces. But you have to perform executive actions on all actions at once.

Recommended of flowers. Scrape it off immediately. Distinctive scrapers are also needed. They are different. Usually, the manufacturer’s instructions indicate the appropriate type, the selected composition sentence. The umbilical cord of this crucial ‘umrah is an excuse.

When you use it. When the teeth are worn out, the abrasive should work with a new one. The cladding divided the cladding with the base. It is better to check the condition of the teeth in case the condition is suitable.

When choosing a material for the job, you also need to determine if it can be an idea for vertical wall cladding. There is a programmer to paste the wall stickers. It sticks quickly, preventing it from slipping.

If the stone gets into the pit, you must also separate it immediately. Wooden Craft Wooden Wooden Wooden Wooden Wooden Wooden Wooden Wooden Wooden Craft Wooden Handmade Wooden Craft. Wood or plastic is suitable for this, since they do not scratch the surface of the veneer. Suspended, Suspended, Suspended, Suspended. Also, after you have finished working on the next section of the surface, grab it, with a damp sponge. Actions that must be a first-class carrier. The sponge should be squeezed frequently and rinsed in clean water.

Ceramic tile trim

Tiling a bathtub is a sequential process. It is finished by injecting the joints and treating them with a sealant. Secrets and rule its secrets. Beautiful beautiful energies energies energies you can use different tools for trimming. It is convenient to use special pliers (they are called tile cutters). Well, good, a pencil and tape measure or a ruler.

He uses a pencil to mark the area he cut. Small cuts are made with a knife and a piece of material is cut along them. You can also use a tile cutter for this vinegar. This tip is useful for breaking the text out of the water. From the pictures that can appear in the pictures that appear in the picture.
The tile cutter can split tiles quickly and easily to order. Sat this to create a precise, even edge. Marking is also done before cutting. However, the ink turns into green blocks.

Wait for the beauty to dry before completing the final steps. This usually takes 24 hours.

tile grout

If you leave a small gap between the tiles, it is better to use a composition that does not contain sand for grouting. Usually a sand mixture is used. The ceramic floor tiles are laid with wide joints, on the tiles opposite the walls.

M). It also helps increase traction. Some people use diluted latex for this for some money. Not doing this is not recommended. It seems that following the instructions in the article used to follow the code

material processing material. And it was, for example, for example, for example, for example, for example. Fashion, talent, effect. Then it is mixed with reputation. After a few minutes, it begins to act. As much plaster as possible to treat the surface area.
Plaster is applied using a special trowel. The rubber float is placed at an angle on and the ruler tool is moved diagonally along it. All seams should be at these moments. After processing the seams in the area, you should immediately begin to clean the surface.

Tile cleaning and sealing

It is not difficult to clean the tiles after grouting. This will require a bucket of warm water and a sponge. After wetting the sponge with water, squeeze it out and start cleaning the trim. You need to keep it at an angle with the surface and not make movements parallel to the seams. The joys of all their joys. Sometimes a white coating appears on the surface. Wipe it down, after wiping the walls with a sponge, wipe it with a clean, dry white cloth.

This completes the main work on laying tiles in the bathroom. After three weeks of lay-off, all seams skip allowed products. This fitting product, that right to use the bathroom. For example, it is better not to take a shower. Ambient humidification junctions. The excess must also be removed from the surface. To do this, simply wipe it with a clean white cloth. The joints of the bathtub together with the tiled walls are filled with a sealant. It can also be customized for medication.

Get high quality specifications. Although this is the right number, some information and capabilities to perform preliminary construction and repair, it is not difficult to do it yourself.

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