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How to paint the walls yourself


Let’s find out today what paint to choose for the walls of the apartment and not be mistaken with the choice of color or composition, what to consider when painting the kitchen, bathroom, hall and children’s room in order to get a good result.

The interior of the room will change dramatically if you make the interior decoration of the walls. Previously, it was fashionable to stick wallpaper. Now these materials are no longer required. It is steadily being replaced by other options. In particular, fresco is widely used, creating various effects, with the embodiment of individual or standard ideas, or fantasies. Modern paints, thanks to their compositions, make it possible to translate any ideas into reality and at the same time ensure the long-term preservation of shades.

Advantages and disadvantages of coloring

Advantages of coloring

The preference for room wall paint over room wallpaper comes from a number of points that are prevalent.

The advantages are as follows:

The painted surface can keep its original color for 15 years. For wallpaper fabrics, the service life while maintaining external characteristics lasts a maximum of 5-6 years. Paint is an excellent alternative to wallpaper, since modern formulations are ultraviolet-resistant and withstand the occurrence of biological formations. The painted surface does not have butt transitions, like wallpaper. With painted walls, the coating is easy to clean. The choice of design includes many color solutions and texture effects. The paint can have a universal property, is suitable for rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, showers), is used for painting kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. The properties of modern coloring compositions include antistatic property. Paints are applied on various bases, including concrete, tree, brick and gypsum board.


The disadvantage is the consumption of material over a large area. It is sold in packages of different sizes starting from 1 kg or more. Usually staining involves the imposition of several layers. The consumption of paint turned out to be large, which is reflected in the costs. Added to this is an increase in the cost of work.

Budget options are water-based formulations. But in order to get an effective and expensive design when working with them, you need to know the technology of work. It is easiest to use special formulations. They are more expensive, but with them you can achieve a bright and elegant coating, amazing wall design in the room.


Varieties of paints for painting the walls of the room

types of paints

The selection is accompanied by close attention to the species of harmless species. In the market assortment, funds are presented in large quantities. The features of a separate room are taken into account: the presence of high humidity, the necessity of washing the walls, which is common in kitchens, children’s rooms and halls.

The internal work includes the use of:

  • water compositions
  • water-dispersion types, acrylic or silicone colorants;
  • Special Fabric Types
  • Alkyd and silicate coloring compositions.

It is important to find an indication of harmlessness in the technical specifications.

Among the requirements for the compositions, there are those related to the decorative effect of the coating, its constant resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

The ability of paints to withstand frequent wet cleaning is not always taken into account. It is taken into account, for example, if you want to decorate the children’s room from the inside.

Preference is given to odorless paints and quick-drying materials.

Watercolor paints are filled with various binders. For this reason, they have a difference in properties. The following characteristics are common to them:

  • Harmless effect on a person.
  • Quick drying on any substrate
  • Practically no smell.

water compositions

The most famous of this group are watercolor paints. Their base is polyvinyl acetate (PVA). The paint differs in that it easily covers the walls. It has good hiding power. It takes two coats to get an even color. After drying, the paint coating becomes a dense protective layer. Water vapor passes through it well, so walls with such a coating are “breathable”.

Having one color scheme selected and adding it to the main composition in different proportions, you can create different and similar harmonious shades.

An example is the well-known brand. For watercolor, you can use a coloring card that presents one color in different shades.

The main attractive aspect of water emulsion is its price. It is low and attracts buyers. Water emulsions are the first in the line of demand among sales. And their position is not affected even by the presence of serious shortcomings.

The first downside of the coating is its low resistance to external mechanical or abrasive influences. It is easy to leave scratches on the paint.

The second drawback is the inability to mask the defects of the base without carefully preparing it. The walls need to be cleaned of old coatings, primed, straightened with putty, sanded and primed again. The surface should become smooth.

The third drawback is the lack of water-repellent properties of a water emulsion. Water-based formulations fear water. There may be places on the walls that quickly get dirty. A damp cloth may leave streaks after wiping. Color shades can be smeared, losing their former brightness. However, the surface of the wall can be stained.

Therefore, it always pays to leave a little “spare” paint off a color scheme. It will be useful for removing spots and cuts that protrude over time “loaded” areas.

Water-dispersion properties of silicone compounds


Paints are almost perfect. They are just advancing. Fills and masks cracks up to 2 mm. The resulting film of dried paint does not fade, is moisture resistant. It is difficult to damage it. It is permissible to wash painted walls a lot without fear of spoiling them. Perfect preparation with fine dressings with putty mixtures is not required here. The dried film is very soft.

The resulting paint coating does not collect dust. Vapor permeability is one of the most important properties of paint. The composition is good for use in rooms where there is a high level of humidity. The strong coating makes the coating versatile. Its functions extend to interior and exterior decoration at once.

Aqueous silicone coating application


The resulting paint is of high quality. The downside is the exaggeration. Apart from the textured compositions, this coating is considered the most expensive. Hence the low demand for this material. However, the desire of people to have beautiful wall coverings in the house or apartment makes them take silicone paint. Sometimes a combination of formulas is made. Silicone coating can be applied to small areas. She can arrange a corridor and a kitchen.

Use of water-based acrylics

These paints are considered truly perfect in their properties. It turns out a good color. They resist fading in the sun, and cover any base well. They mask cracks with a discrepancy of 0.7-1 mm. Characteristics include average vapor permeability. The coating is waterproof and can be washed with detergents. In terms of vapor permeability, the composition is somewhat inferior to water-based emulsion, in terms of hiding power it is somewhat worse than silicone paints.

Buying walls in the apartment will not be very expensive. The material has an average price. When looking for a comparison of price / quality categories, these types are ideal for walls and ceilings.

Paint with decorative decorative paints

The trend is referred to as innovations. It turns out a beautiful design. The walls of the house are decorated with modern woven paints. As a result, the surface is obtained with a selected or chaotic relief. In the core of the mass is the content of dispersed water-acrylic particles that are diluted with a dye containing various additives. The composition contains sand with different fractions, there is the presence of mineral fibers, and other substances similar in type form a relief.

The difference between these blocks and other coloring materials lies in the density of the formations. Some need a spatula to apply, while others need a brush or roller. Liquid types are used with a spray gun. The texture changes dramatically when different construction tools are used to apply paints. The paint created with a trowel differs from the one applied by a roller.

Choosing paints for painting the walls in the apartment

In the kitchen and bathroom

The presence of the most aggressive environment is usually observed in the kitchen. In this room there is a high concentration of humidity and temperature, splashes of water and grease occur. Of course, finishing materials are in demand here of adequate quality. The main ones are: water resistance, vapor permeability, corrosion resistance. The best option is to choose latex and silicone emulsions. The compositions themselves are ideal for bathrooms, since moisture, steam and high temperature are concentrated here.

Colors for the bedroom and living room

Coloring compositions for decorating bedrooms and living rooms do not require such properties as wear resistance and water resistance. Financial costs will not be significantly affected if acrylic paint is purchased for these rooms. Products should be chosen by looking at the packaging. It should have a sign that allows wet cleaning in the room. If there is a mark, the finished painted surface can be wiped when it is dirty.

nursery wall paints

For children, safety is important. Therefore, the material must be environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. These characteristics must be confirmed by certificates of conformity and quality certificates. It is customary to paint children’s rooms with compounds that are harmless, odorless and resistant to mechanical stress. Young artists often use the walls as a canvas for their creations. Therefore, parents should take care that the surface can be quickly returned to its original shape. You need waterproof paints. For example, acrylic emulsion.

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